Find a solution for your transition to sustainable fabrics.

We will be your reliable partner for
dyeing and finishing textiles, as well as provide highly functional sustainable fabrics.


Research & Development

We will provide the fabric that you need.
We specialize in textile innovation, specifically in synthetic fabric substrates, as well as state of the art sustainable chemical applications. Every aspect of our research and development is tailored to our customer’s fabric requirements.
Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.



We are an eco-friendly fabric supplier certified by GRS, Bluesign, Higg index, Oeko-tex, and more. Sunny Special owns its own dyeing and finishing factory. We have state of the art energy efficient machinery that provides high-quality products with increased productivity, while reducing waste emissions and saving energy.


Quality Control

Since 1984, every functional fabric that Sunny Special has produced has come from our manufacturing facility located in Taiwan. More than just a leading trading firm in textile suppliers, our experienced local employees are committed to strictly controlling quality and all processes in order to produce the highest quality textiles for apparel fabric.


PFC-free durable water repellent remains 70% efficient even after being washed 120 times in a domestic washing machine, making it more durable than anything on the market.

Sustainability has always been a critical part of the culture at Sunny Special. We always choose the most eco-friendly materials.

End Use

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