We aim to customize and manufacture the advanced functional fabrics that adapt to different environmental conditions and a wide variety of daily activities with ultimate protection and absolute comfort for our customers.


Weather Protection

Advanced functional fabrics have been developed to enhance the protection and to inherent in the adaptability in response to the adverse weather conditions, such as intense rainfall, constant wind gust, rapid temperature drops, and the unavoidable UV radiation.

Comfort Collection

The favorable properties, such as lightweight, smoothness, flexibility, and elasticity, have contributed to its irreplaceable applications that guarantees delightful comfort for wearers to indulge into any movement from modern urban life to outdoor exploration.


Flame Retardant (FR) fabrics, which provide the multi-functional protection, are indispensable for those who constantly encounter the potential hazard, such as the exposure to flame, dark and gloomy surroundings, or any unexpected high-risk conditions at their work place. We aim to offer the most protective and the safest defense for the wearer with greater comfort, stability and durability.

Antimicrobial Fabric

Microbes are omnipresent in our daily life, and these infectious agents are especially ubiquitous in the medical facilities. The evolutionary design of the antimicrobial fabric is to offer the ultimate protection from the transmission of viruses or bacteria.