Sunny Special’s FR fabrics comply with rigorous safety standards and consider the needs of workers’ daily life, eliminating potential work hazards without sacrificing daily work efficiency. We provide work clothes with the highest protection, comfort, and value.


In the face of numerous challenges in our work, MULTITASK offers comprehensive protection and comfort within the workplace. It provides exceptional protective performance which significantly reduces the risk of workplace accidents and injuries, encompassing flame resistance, heat resistance, arc protection, welding protection, discernment, anti-static properties, and waterproof capabilities.


AiryTex is designed to enhance workers' comfort and adaptability while ensuring the flash fire and arc protection, especially in high-temperature environments due to global warming effect.


Flash Fire Protection & Welding Protection

The key of FR fabric could protect industrial personnel from short-term thermal exposure to flame and spatter.


Arc Flash Protection(HRC2)

Arc flash protection fabric for workwear could help people to avoid electrical burns from the hazardous work environment.


Liquid Chemicals Resistance & Molten Iron Splash Fabric

The primary function of fabric collection is to prevent accidental skin contact with liquid chemicals or molten iron splash from the working environment.


High Visibility Protection

High-visibility FR compliance fabrics are great for workwear in every industries, no matter coverall, jacket, or pants. People are more visible in the dusky working environment.