Outdoor & Sports

Every adventure deserves a comfortable functional fabric—use waterproof-breathable or moisture-wicking for hiking, jogging, or climbing to keep you warm and fresh.


For people working in high-risk conditions, safety and comfort are the greatest concerns. Our inherent flame-resistance and high-visibility fabric are approved by EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 11611, EN 1149-5, EN 13034, EN ISO 20471, NFPA 70E, and NPFA 2112.


Medical Fabric

Antimicrobial fabrics with comfort and long-lasting durability to prevent bacterial development and spread have also been tested by SEK red mark for medical use.

Casual Wear

Bring functional fabrics into daily life with the development of the ELASTECH series, with its lightweight and soft feeling, creating a new high-tech but comfortable urban style.