What Is Air Shield?

It is commonly known as the windproof fabrics. The primary functionality is to prevent the convection of the airflow across the skin in an attempt to avoid the loss of body heat against the chill wind. Functional properties such as waterproof and water repellence are incorporated into the Air Shield fabrics in order to offer a stronger protection for our customers, in comparison to the mere windproof products among the garment market.

Windproof Function endowed with Coating

The excellent windproof property is dominated by the functional coating, which serves as a solid defense against the airflow. This functional design is not limited by the type of the fabrics, and is contrarily flexible to be adopted in a wide range of applications.

For Instance:

  • Applicable for Stretch Fabrics: 2-way Stretch or 4-way Stretch
  • Certified Wind Proof Functionality
  • Certified Wind Resistance


Wind Resistance Function endowed with Calendering

Calendering finishing process massively strengthens the effectiveness of wind resistance and considerably prevents the loss of the down fibers by refining the gap size between yarns as well as by improving the density of the fabric.


  • Suitable for the lightweight fine denier fabrics
  • Lustrous and glossy appearance
  • Applicable for manufacturing packable jackets.

Wind Resistance Function endowed with Fabric Structure

The design of the structural arrangements in relation to yarn count, denier, and fabric weight increases the density of the fabric. This revolutionary design serves to achieve greater fabric performance in terms of wind resistance as well as to avoid any unnecessary processing procedure at different stage of production.


  • Applicable for elastic fabrics, inbuilt with softer handle and less synthetic feeling.
  • Applicable for inelastic fabrics, exhibit its favorable formability with a firm and compact handle.
  • Minimize the excessive over-processing as well as the application of chemicals.



Air Permeability
Water Vapor Permeability
Air Permeability
Air flow
Water Vapor Permeability
Water molecules
Air Permeability
Water Vapor Permeability
Air Permeability
Fabrics with good air permeability tends to show good water vapor permeability.
Water Vapor Permeability
Fabrics with good water vapor permeability may not deliver the same effectiveness for air permeability.

Our Fabrics

Sunny Special PP444QZF-BS


With its durable water repellence, this fabric can be used in various conditions. The structural wind resistance feature is suggested for jackets.

  • DWR
  • Wind resistance
  • Ideal for jackets
Sunny Special PD705BX-BS


The special rip-stop fabric has PFC-free water repellent and UPF:50+. It’s highly recommended for summer clothes.

  • PFC-free DWR
  • UPF:50+
  • Wind resistance
  • Ideal for jackets
Sunny Special NP104BXF


Cotton-like hand feel is made of nylon air texture yarn with durable water repellence. After calendaring, it can be widely used for rain and wind resistance purposes.

  • PFC-free DWR
  • Wind resistance
  • Ideal for pants
Sunny Special ED161QZ


Four-way stretch fabric with double weave structure has wind resistance and durable water repellence that can provide comfort and function at the same time.

  • DWR
  • 4-way stretch
  • Wind resistance
  • Ideal for pants/jackets

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