SOLAPEL 2.0 the fabric for athletes who train outdoors.

By Sarah Kao Last updated: April 10, 2023
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Striking a balance between functionality and environmental protection.

Outdoor sports are becoming more and more popular. When choosing equipment, we will give priority to our own needs. However, due to the increase of experience in use and the rise of environmental awareness in recent years, when we buy outdoor sports products, we will also start to notice the difference between products. Under the same functional performance, more and more people will choose environmentally friendly products and amplify their needs to the impact on the entire natural ecology.


In order to find a balance between function and environmental protection, Sunny Special has been committed to developing long-lasting functional fabrics. The Solapel series uses ultra-durable PFC-free water-repellent. After testing, it still has a 70% water-repellent effect even after 120 washes. It is more durable for people who exercise. The user will use it for a longer time, and it is not easy to replace it, which can reduce waste.

Solapel 2.0 upgrade

Continuous development in response to various environments, in addition to the super-durable water-repellent function on the surface of the fabric, the super-washable micro-porous gluing on the back has been strengthened, and the added waterproof and moisture-permeable function allow users to strengthen protection and withstand the changing outdoor environment, which is stronger and more comfortable.

Solapel is multifunction and ideal for aerobics, running, fitness, hiking, camping, and other outdoor sports. Solapel 2.0 is more breathable and windproof that is more suitable for high-intensity sports such as mountaineering and skiing.

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