Addressing climate change, the utilization of lightweight flame-retardant fabrics to enhance both comfort and breathability in work environments. These fabrics, incorporating materials such as pre-oxidized polyacrylonitrile (OPF), FR rayon, and aramid, effectively provide safeguards against arc flash, flash fire, and intense heat exposures. Embracing such lightweight workwear not only reduces the burden but also contributes to heightened work efficiency.

Width: 59 inch.
Weight: 180 g/sm.
Weave: Twill.

Through continuous refinement and testing, with the combination of materials like OPF (pre-oxidized), FR rayon, and aramid, it provides arc flash, flash fire, and heat protection.

EN 11612:A1,A2,B1,C1,F1 ATPV:8.4cal/cm² NFPA 2112
ISO 17493: <3%
ASTM 1930<15%
ASTM 1959 8.4cal/cm²
ASTM D737: 89CFM


fabric AT010AZ
fabric AT010AZ

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AiryTex: Lightweight comfort and protection against heat stress. Stay safe and comfortable in any work environment.

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