Being like an expert in skiing! Principles for novices when buying ski clothes

By Sarah Kao Last updated: March 31, 2023
Grandvalira, Andorra: 2021 January 03: Young man skiing in the Pyrenees at the Grandvalira ski resort in Andorra in Covid19 time
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How long have you not been playing outdoors?

The epidemic is much better now, and everyone actively participates in outdoor sports. With the arrival of the New Year holiday, many people have begun to arrange ski slope travel, and the ski resort is recovering. Skiing in the snow is an extremely interesting sport which can consume an average of 400 -500 calories per hour. We could play according to different levels, and even beginners can enjoy it.

Keeping warm, and perspiration is also important

It's important to be well-prepared  before doing your activity. You will feel cold in the snow, but when you start to move, your body starts to sweat. Thus, it is essential for you to choose clothes and equipment.

Avoid materials with high moisture content

You can choose elastic, breathable and quick-drying clothes for skiing. You won’t feel stuck up when exercising. Clothes that are not breathable will be soaked in sweat, which will lower your skin temperature and make it easy to catch a cold. If you don’t want to lose temperature on the mountain, choosing polyester or wool material is definitely the first choice. Materials with high moisture content such as cotton and rayon are absolutely to be avoided.

Maintain body temperature

The middle clothes are mainly for keeping warm, you can choose warm fleece. It would be better to bring insulation or a down jacket. Clothes with zipper designs are more convenient to put on and take off.

Waterproof and breathable

It is necessary to choose a waterproof and breathable jacket and trousers on the outermost layer, mainly to block cold air, snow and water outside. The sweat in the jacket generated when skiing can also be smoothly evaporated into the environment, and will not be stuffy in the clothing. In the system, it won’t turn water into ice that will lose temperature. If you have a enough budget, you can choose more lightweight and elastic, which will make you feel more comfortable when doing activities.

Attention to detail accessories

  1. Hat: The cold wind blowing on the sweaty head will cause discomfort and cold. The hat can not only avoid direct blowing to the wind, but also protect the ears
  2. Neck scarf: not only protects the neck, but also covers the face to avoid sunburn
  3. Gloves: You can choose waterproof and moisture-permeable functions. If there are buttons that can be fixed on the cuffs, it will be more convenient to put on and take off and not easy to lose.
  4. Ski socks: protect your feet from the cold, choose wool and have a non-stinky effect
  5. Ski goggles: mainly to protect the eyes, just choose the style you like

Enjoy the moment

Keep your body warm in a comfortable state, and you can enjoy skiing in a natural environment with ease. Have great memories with your family and friends.

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