The Best Comfortable Fabric For Workwear

By Sarah Kao Last updated: April 10, 2023
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Comfort, durability, and consistency.

Sunny Special Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd presents to the market a completely new collection of modacrylic-cotton blending four ways stretch fabrics to offer the wearer superior comfort, flexibility, and durability for purpose. Our stretch fabrics redefine what can be expected from a workwear garment in terms of comfort and durability, thanks to new breed elastane, better freedom of movement, and ease of wear. Durable stretch and recovery qualities ensure clothes can flex and respond to movement without applying strain on their construction, which means they keep their original shape and appearance.


Our new fabric options, include inherent flame resistance, high visibility, durable water repellent, and four ways stretch functions to meet every customer’s need, bringing more comfortable working conditions to more and more fields. These fabrics allow people to work more easily and efficiently, with garments preserving their original shape and structure.

All of which strengthens confidence and a sense of well-being for the wearers. Also, they have been specifically developed to be durable, practical, easy to care for, and have long-lasting life cycles.

workwear four ways

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